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Hi, my name’s Lisa,

I created Viva Luna as a place for me to document my learnings of the mystical and esoteric. I grew up in a home where crystals, tarot cards, angel cards and pendulums lay scattered around the house, and a healthy curiosity in astrology was the norm.

What I thought was a standard way of being, was shunned as not being ‘normal’ by my friends. During my teen years, my mother and I would hide our cards and crystals. We kept our spiritual selves small to blend into the matrix.

Tarot, astrology, our divination tools evolved from being a secret to a game, always sacred, something special shared between my mother and me.

I’ve always been an avid notetaker, and a year years back, started documenting my tarot spreads. I’d sit with books scattered across my bedroom floor, taking notes from each book. I’d record each card, listing their symbols, number codes, astrological sign and other relevant details.

I decided to take my experience in content writing and marketing and take these notes online.

If you wonder about other worlds, are a curious cosmic babe, love the divine and celebrate the magical and mystical, get in touch with me. I’d love to connect with you.

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