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Aries is symbolised by the ram and ruled by the planet of Mars. Aries energy is powerful, strong and courageous. The sign stands for new beginnings, fierce leadership and energy. Wherever Aries falls in your natal chart, whichever house it rules, will have fiery energy and feisty confidence. 

  • Dates: March 21st – April 20th
  • Masculine
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Natural house: First house
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Symbol: The ram
  • Moto: I Am
  • Keywords: Energy, leadership, impatience, new beginnings, self-expression, force, initiative, courage, egotism, assertion, passion

Aries season

The zodiac sign of Aries begins on March 21st and ends on April 20th. Aries, powered by Mars, the God of war, has a strong warrior archetype energy to it. This energy, of really believing in oneself is great for taking the initiative and getting things done!

Aries season symbolises the start of the astrological new year. I’ve always wondered why this is so, and, upon asking around, found out that the time period around March and April signified springtime in the Northern hemisphere. With the world in bloom, some mystics believed that this was a great start to the new year, although it did not fit the Gregorian calendar system. 

At the first degree of Aries, the entire zodiac cycle starts afresh. This is the first step, the seed, the spark, the moment where movement begins. The energy is super potent around this time; you may even feel like you’ve changed gears and kicked up the pace.  

Aries season sparks a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. With this energy coursing through the cosmos, everyone can feel as if they have an opportunity to start again. If we’ve missed the boat on our new year’s resolutions, we can reset and begin again with, arguably, better energy backing us. 

Aries season is a great time to start something new; new jobs, new projects, new hobbies. You’ll have the energy of Mars, the God of War, on your side – helping you get razor focussed on your tasks and getting things done. You’ll feel more confident, more competent, and you’ll just feel great and what you’re doing. 

A great mantra for Aries season could be, “I am strong. I am unstoppable. I believe in myself. I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Aries Symbolism

Aries is associated with the ram. Oftentimes referred to as being headstrong and sometimes aggressive, the ram is a creature that pushes face-first into conflict and is never undeterred by competition. Not one’s for subtly, like their symbolic counterparts, Ariens will meet an obstacle head-on by charging directly into it.

Aries is the first sign of the fire element and is also a cardinal sign. It is all force, out-going, forward-moving and all for putting the self first. Fire ignites passion and enthusiasm in the Arian, and cardinal qualities see them become trendsetters, go-getters and possess leadership qualities.

Ruling planet: Mars

Aries takes its cues from its ruling planet, Mars. Mars is driven by action. It aims to achieve, succeed and conquer. It is not concerned with glamour or esteem or glory. The planet of Mars is likened to Ares, the God of war in Greek mythology.

Sun Sign Aries: Personality and Traits

If you are born between March 21st to April 20th, your sun sign is Aries. 

Full of the fire of life, sun sign Arians want to stand out from the crowd. They possess innate leadership qualities, have an inner strength and are not afraid to take risks, speak their minds and take on any challenges that may come their way. 

Aries personality positive traits

Aries sun people are incredibly driven and have a strong will to succeed. They have a natural ability to strip away the unnecessary and get to business. They apply a direct and straightforward attitude to achieving both their long and short term goals.

Bold, often loud and self-assured to a tee, the Aries personality is a firecracker of note! A fire sign, they are action-orientated, driven and self-assertive. Like the ram, they’re able to lead head-first into battle and can face challenges head-on. They also have no problem speaking their mind. 

Aries sparks the start of the zodiac cycle. 

Arians can possess extreme go-getter energy; even more so if they are born closer to the start of the Aries cycle. As they are courageous, adventurous and very motivated, they could easily become great entrepreneurs and leaders. 

With a strong ability to initiate things, Aries people may be great at starting projects or leading them from a high-level position, but may not enjoy the nitty-gritty processes involved in a project or even completing something.

Achievement, attainment and success are extremely important to the sun sign Aries. Sometimes, if an Aries does not achieve what they’ve set their heart on, they could become ill-tempered or even physically sick, so be warned.

Aries people have seemingly an abundance of energy with a real joie de vivre. They are adventurous, often impulsive and spontaneous, and are keen risk takers too. But with so much fire, energy and power, Arians can have a tendency to generate too much heat and burn out. In order for an Aries to avoid periods of stress, burn out, exhaustion and collapse, it’s important for them to rest and replenish their resources – even if this is a difficult thing for them to do. 

Enterprising and willing to take initiative, Aries people have a wonderful enthusiasm for all ideas and also possess an ability to get the ball rolling for setting plans in motion. Arians are strong of mind and need to channel their energy for debate and creative thinking a positive way. 

Aries people are optimistic; they are sincere when dealing with others and often can find themselves leading helpful causes for the less fortunate.

Aries people have strong minds and are strong-willed. When they are empowered, they feel confident, independent and ingenious, but, if the Arian tendency becomes too ruthless, they’ll tip over into aggressive behaviour, which will start to impact their emotional and physical resources. 

For Aries, it is important for them to keep a strong grip on the things in their life that matter most, this way they won’t expend too much energy in other non-essential areas. Aries are prone to having a short temper and can anger easily. These should be watched and monitored closely to avoid going to extremes. 

Aries personality negative traits

Aries’ worst trait is selfishness. As they have such strong drive, determination and motivation, if they don’t get their way, their fire can burn too brightly and turn to rage. Greedy, sarcastic, power-hungry, boastful and very self-absorbed, the Arian in their negative side can be a challenge to be around.

Sometimes, the bold and bossy personality of the Aries can be perceived as brash or egotistical. In their negative, Aries people can be moody, uncompromising and ready and waiting for a fight. As they are often fast-paced and energetic, Aries, in their negative behaviour, can be impatient with people not up to their pace.

Their impulsive nature can take a turn and lead them to take unnecessary risks, acting without thinking and sometimes indulging in reckless behaviour, pretending to be heroic. Often, Arians will act impulsively and look before they leap, which can land them in hot water. 

As driven as they are, Arians can sometimes step on others to get to where they want to be – either for a promotion or a position of power. This drive for reputation and esteem can make them unlikable and difficult.

Too much discipline is seen as restrictive by most Arians, so only sensible rules will be addressed by these often rebellious folk.

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