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Boom! A new year has begun! All of the lessons we’ve been fumbling through for the past few years put to the test as 2020 ushers in big, bold energy to help us concretise our learning and growing. 

As the saying goes, “As above, so below.” We look to the stars and celestial bodies to get an idea of how their cosmic energies can play out in our lives. 2020 brings some of the most profound astronomical occurrences. We can surely expect some exciting events and happenings will take place in our day to day lives. 

With the transformative energy coursing through the ether, we’re encouraged to raise our vibration, align with the Universe, live as our Higher Selves, understand our life purpose and so much more. 

Below are a few of the main shifts and transitions coming up in 2020. I’ve listed the main retrogrades, conjunctions, eclipses as well as the lunar cycles throughout the year. Everything below is in a general sense, note that whatever is in your chart may be activated more, or less, depending. 

2020 Astro Energy Forecast

Before diving in, here’s something to think about. If you journal or use a planner, it’s a good idea to write down the dates of the major occurrences. Also, note a few things either happening to you or feelings you may have. 

Write a few keywords that summarise what is going on in your life at the time of the key transitions. 

It’s sometimes difficult to reflect on the past without accurate recording of what may have happened at the time. Particularly with the conjunctions and eclipses, it’ll be a good practice to note what’s going on so that you can properly reflect when specific cosmic energies make a call back to a time in the past. 

Retrograde planets in 2020

As per usual, planets will move in and out of retrograde. While it may look that they are moving backwards, they are still plodding along in the correct direction in their orbit. As well as the illusion of backward motion, the energy of a planet in retrograde can feel a bit upside down and can have a profound effect on a person

When a planet is in retrograde, it acts somewhat out of alignment with its natural state. As a planet deviates from the norm, it can either present itself as a challenge, a disruption, a change of pace or similar. If you’re sensitive to this sort of energy, consider planning for the retrogrades by giving yourself some more wiggle room. 

After a planet finishes a retrograde cycle, it ‘stations direct’ and resumes its forward motion. Energetically, the planet will return to normal once it goes direct.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury’s retrograde has a bunch of hype around it. It has a bad reputation, and, sometimes, I feel like it is over dramatised. 

Despite the sensationalism, Mercury in retrograde is known to cause glitches and delays, which often play out in communication break downs, technological malfunctions and disruptions in travel plans. Nevertheless, whatever your perception of Mercury retrograde is, these periods of moving slowly and paying attention to signs, signals and messages are potent reroutings for life.  

Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2020. The retrogrades last roughly three weeks each time, and take place every four months. The dates are:

  • February 16th to March 9th
  • June 17th to July 12th
  • October 13th to November 3rd

Saturn retrograde

Saturn goes retrograde from May 11th to September 29th. This retrograde occurs before it moves full out of Capricorn and into Aquarius at the end of the year on December 17th. 

This retrograde will touch on themes that arose during the last time Saturn stationed direct, which occurred in September 2019. It could also throwback to the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 2020.

If any energies are lingering or were not processed during either of these periods, try and note them during the Saturn retrograde, and pay particular attention to what is happening around the start date (May 11th) and end date (September 29th). 

Pluto retrograde

Pluto’s retrograde lasts a couple of months, from April 24th until October 4th. This retrograde will ricochet themes that were present in October of 2019 when Pluto stationed direct in Capricorn after its half-year retrograde. 

Think back to events, happenings and occurrences during October 2019 and see if anything that wasn’t resolved then can be addressed now. 

Astrological Conjunctions in 2020

A conjunction is simply when two or more planets line up at the same degree of the zodiac. Planets conjunct constantly, some conjunctions are just rarer than others and so command more attention. 

Saturn Pluto Conjunction

On January 12th 2020, Saturn and Pluto conjunct at 22 degrees of Capricorn. This momentous conjunction happens once every 34 years, and it’ll never happen again in the sign of Capricorn in any of our lifetimes. 

Saturn is like a stern, strict father who only wants the best for you and will keep enforcing rules until you walk on the correct path. Pluto is indicative of major transformation, using death and destruction to break down entirely in order for rebirth and renewal. 

With these two forces at play, especially in the sign of Capricorn, the conjunction could usher in big changes on a global scale as well as internally in each individual. 

The energy that this conjunction is associated with is potent enough to rock systems, shake establishments and transform world economies. With this, we can expect some pretty interesting events just as the year kicks off. 

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

Throughout the year, Jupiter and Pluto make their acquaintances a few times, first on March 29th in the sign of Capricorn, a second time on June 30th while Pluto is retrograde, and finally on Nomever 12th once Pluto stations direct. 

Where Jupiter is abundance, blessings, wishes coming true, wisdom, amplification, Pluto is transformation, shadow, death and rebirth. When these two outer lying planets conjunct, themes of truth, illumination, ends of cycles, shadow unearthing, secrets coming to the surface and so on can arise. This all helps us reach higher levels of consciousness.

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

The year ends off on a serious high with the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction taking place on December 21st in the sign of Aquarius. 

Although the conjunction takes place in December; its energy can be felt for the entire year – an indication of how powerful this alignment will be. 

These great conjunctions happen every 20 years. Its a bit too early to tell how the energy will play out, more should be revealed after the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12th. 

Speculating, since Saturn is related to life’s long lessons, rules and boundaries, and Jupiter is concerned with bountiful blessings, perhaps this conjunction helps us fix up and look sharp so that our paths are aligned even more for joy and abundance. Since the conjunction is in the sign of Aquarius, themes of society and humanitarianism can be at play too, both on an individual and collective level.

Eclipses in 2020

Eclipses are like portals or gateways. Eclipses function as abrupt endings and beginnings. In order to reach a new destination, you’ll need to let something go to access the path. 

Eclipses work in cycles, lasting roughly two years (ish), and activating on two axes. In 2020, we’ll exit one eclipse cycle, and then begin a new one as the Lunar node changes sign. 

For the past eclipse cycles, we’ve been working in the Cancer Capricorn eclipse cycle. The final eclipse in this sequence occurs on January 10th. These eclipses have seen us question our notions of security, all forms of security from emotional to financial security, and could have transformed our ideas of our homes, jobs and careers, and so on. 

Next, as we move into the Gemini Sagitaruus eclipse cycle, themes of communication, truth and philosophy will come to light. 

There are a total of six eclipses in 2020, four lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses.

Eclipse dates are:

  • January 10th 2020: Penumbral lunar eclipse in Cancer
  • June 5th 2020: Penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius
  • June 21st 2020: Solar eclipse in Cancer
  • July 5th 2020: Penumbral lunar eclipse in Capricorn
  • November 30th 2020: Penumbral lunar eclipse in Gemini
  • December 14th 2020: Solar eclipse in Sagittarius 

Note: A penumbral eclipse is more subtle than a full eclipse. A full or partial eclipse means that all or a portion of the moon’s light is blocked, giving the effect that the moon is in darkness or partially so. A penumbral eclipse sort of looks like a shadow cast on the moon, or like a dark shading over it. 

Lunar cycles for 2020

Finally, as well as all of this exciting cosmic activity, good old faithful Lady Luna will still be up to her usual tricks, cycling between her phases and moving between signs. 

Below is a break down of the lunar cycles for 2020 (full moon and new moon) as well as the signs they occur in. 

  • January 10th 2020: Full Moon in Cancer
  • January 24th 2020: New Moon in Aquarius
  • February 9th 2020: Full Moon in Leo 
  • February 23rd 2020: New Moon in Pisces
  • March 9th 2020: Full Moon in Virgo 
  • March 24th 2020: New Moon in Aries
  • April 8th 2020: Full Moon in Libra
  • April 23rd 2020: New Moon in Taurus
  • May 7th 2020: Full Moon in Scorpio
  • May 22nd 2020: New Moon in Gemini
  • June 5th 2020: Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • June 21th 2020: New Moon in Cancer
  • July 5th 2020: Full Moon in Capricorn
  • July 20th 2020: New Moon in Cancer
  • August 3rd 2020: Full Moon in Aquarius
  • August 19th 2020: New Moon in Leo
  • September 2nd 2020: Full Moon in Pisces
  • September 17th 2020: New Moon in Virgo
  • October 1st 2020: Full Moon in Aries
  • October 16th 2020: New Moon in Libra
  • October 31st 2020: Full Moon in Taurus
  • November 15th 2020: New Moon in Scorpio
  • November 30th 2020: Full Moon in Gemini
  • December 14th 2020: New Moon in Sagittarius
  • December 30th 2020: Full Moon in Cancer

One final reminder, all of the information listed above is in a general sense. Depending on what’s in your chart; which signs are prevalent, where planets are placed and so on; you may feel certain cosmic occurrences more than others. 

If you’re interested in this sort of content, it’s a good idea to have your chart read by a professional astrologer. If you need recommendations for astrologers, send me a mail on and I’ll happily forward recommendations for astrologers based in Cape Town who offer both face-to-face sessions and virtual readings.

Phew! That’s a whole bunch of information. Hope you enjoyed the read! If you have comments or questions, pop them below in the comments section.

Have a super amazeballs start to 2020 😘

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