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December is off to a fiery start! With the sun moving into Sagittarius in late November, the heavy, intense energy of Scorpio has finally lifted, making way for the fun-loving feels of Sagittarius season. 

Before the festivities of the holidays can commence, we have a few final eclipses to help us round of 2020 and welcome in a new year.

Read more about the astrological dates and energetic shifts coming up in December.

Key dates this month: 

  • 2nd December 2019: Jupiter enters Capricorn
  • 11th December 2019: Full Moon in Gemini
  • 21st December 2019: Sun enters Capricorn
  • 25th December 2019: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Astro-Energy Forecast for December 2019

In the heart of Sagittarius season, this month is filled to the brim with lovely, delicious energy. 

This energy can intensify over the Full Moon, mid-month. With the sun entering Capricorn just before the holidays hit, we’ll be met with the perfect energy to help set ourselves up for the new year. 

Current lunar cycle: Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the archer, aims his arrow into the sky ready to shoot. He is always thinking ahead, planning and using his power of vision to manifest his dreams. 

Key dates for December

2nd December 2019 Jupiter enters Capricorn

For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter enters Capricorn where it will stay for roughly a year. Prior to this, it spent the most part of 2019 in Sagittarius, the sign which it rules. With this, Jupiter has been extremely comfortable in its natural sign, and now, in December of 2019, it moves into the next section of the zodiac, Capricorn. 

The last time that Jupiter was in Capricorn was in 2008. Think back to anything that could’ve happened in your life during that year, and see if there are any connections, themes, happenings. Think about any significant events or occurrences and note if any patterns come up this year.  

Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, bestows good fortune on all those who welcome its energy. It is the planet of abundance, dreams, goals and the general feeling of living life to the fullest. 

Capricorn is the zodiac sign that rules over the material, work, hard work, the process of building, and so on. 

With the energy of Jupiter in Capricorn, there’ll be a tremendous energetic force guiding your processes and encouraging your moves. It is a great time to get serious about your goals and see how you can put in the work to achieve them. 

11th December 2019 Full Moon in Gemini

Just before we have our final eclipses for the year, we are met with the full moon in Gemini. If you work with lunar energy and the moon phases, full moons are a great time to shed and release. 

Gemini is associated with communication. Perhaps this full moon brings messages or information your way. Love or money may be themes during this time as the energies are heightened due to triple conjunction with Venus, Saturn and Pluto.

At this time of year, we are kept busy with travel, seeing family, celebrations and general sociability. With all of these tasks and business, it may be great to use the energy of the full moon prepare for the holiday season; see what comes up for you that you can release. 

21st December 2019 Sun enters Capricorn

Just before the holidays hit, the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st. The sign of work and ambition, any feelings of responsibility, duty and so on may be highlighted over the next month. 

Capricorn loves standards, structures, completion and accomplishment. It is most satisfied when all is in order, long term goals are being worked toward and tangible results can be felt. 

This is a fantastic energy to work with at the end of the year. Capricorn will help us refine our goals, ignite our ambitions, and set up good structures for the year ahead. 

25th December 2019 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

We’re ending the year, the decade on a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are like total resets for your consciousness. Eclipses are powerful; there is lots of heightened energy at play and can bring forth often hash endings. With this, new moon solar eclipses are about fateful beginnings, allowing you to enter the next decade with a fresh start and fresh perspective. 

Eclipses always come in sets and in early January of 2020, we’ll be met with a lunar eclipse. This time between these two eclipses, an eclipse portal in a way, gives you the space to reflect and look back at the lessons you’ve learned and blessings you’ve gained. 

We hope that this post has helped you on your cosmic path! If you have any questions or insights into this Lunar Cycle and the energies of December, share them in the comment section below!

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