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So… 2020’s been weird. This whole year is just a wild card. With so much uncertainty, it’s difficult to anticipate anything, so here is a very general astrology energy forecast for May 2020.

No one knows what’s around the corner, and we find ourselves in foreign territory every single day. All we can really do is wait, hope for the best, and tap into the good-feeling buzz of the cosmos to let our higher selves guide us. 

To help you work with the cosmic activity of each month and bring these energies into your day-to-day life, I have a free 2020 Moon Calendar. Download it, print it out, stick it up on your wall and use it for a high-level overview of the cosmic shifts that each month brings. Check it out

Key dates for May 2020

  • 7th of May 2020: Full Moon in Scorpio
  • 14th of May 2020: Jupiter goes retrograde 
  • 10th of May 2020: Saturn goes retrograde
  • 12th of May 2020: Venus goes retrograde
  • 14th of May 2020: Jupiter goes retrograde
  • 20th of May 2020: Sun moves into Gemini
  • 22nd of May 2020: New Moon in Gemini

Astro-Energy Forecast for May 2020

As if the previous months didn’t already pack a punch, May has some interesting cosmic shifts in store for us with a bunch of planets going retrograde. 

Mid-month, the sun will ingress out of earth sign Taurus into the air sign of Gemini. 

Current cycle: Taurus

Taurus says, “Tranquilla, chika.” Even though the world is in a bad way, the super-chilled Venutian bull of the Zodiac has had us prioritise routine, recognise when we need to back off, and had us rest amongst this chaotic time. Taurus has been asking us to calm down, chill out and relax. 

Another ironic thing is that most of the world is in a lockdown or quarantine, so perhaps most of us are forced to succumb to this energy, and make the most of their time. 

Mid-month, the sun will move into Gemini. The restful, routine-loving, energy that we may have gotten little too comfortable in, will begin to fade, and a burst of energetic, intellectually-driven Gemini energy will take over. 

Energy Forecast May 2020

7th of May 2020 Full Moon in Scorpio

Scoropio energy can bring the house down. Its deeply spiritual, shadow-esque, close to the edge sort of energy has the possibility to break someone down, but to also rebuild them – better than before. 

Scorpio is governed by Pluto who is linked to Hades, the God of the Underworld. His duties, among others, was to usher souls between the land and the living and the netherworld. This crossing between the worlds is what brings in the shadow quality to Scorpio. Its energy has the ability to force you to look at, confront and process the hidden realms of your subconscious, in order to force you to grow. 

With this, the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th of May 2020 can bring about some demons. Especially at the time of Taurus, where the energy encourages us to rest, relax, be chilled, Scorpio energy, with its intensity, can bring about a bit of drama. This energy is peace versus power

The Scorpio and Taurus axis is a balancing act between comfort and chilling, and then being too commonplace. This Scorpio Full Moon energy wants us to break free from our comfort zones; it invites some chaos in so that we can transform and let things be transformed. 

Full Moons are great times to release, shed and let things go, but during this Full Moon, it may actually be quite difficult to let go. With everything that is going on in the world with COVID-19, the intense changes that this pandemic has brought about have been extremely unearthing already. 

At this time, there can be extreme resistance to change. People have lost their jobs, families are separated, relationships are ending. The world is uncertain and everything we know is in flux. Along with present challenges and fears of what may come, letting go and moving on may be an extremely tough task at the moment.

Both Scorpio, where the Full Moon lunation is taking place, as well as Taurus, where the collective Sun is currently residing, are possessive. They like holding onto things. If you find any resistance to change or fear of letting go come up at this time, ask the cosmos for help. Ask for guidance or just ask for a sense of calm. Try and find the ability in yourself to release and let go, and not cling on so tightly. 

You may be clinging to people, possessions, careers, income, so don’t force anything or push too hard, tread lightly and ask for help. Try and break down a small step, and release only a small negative emotion. At its core, Scorpio can bring up a lot of fear, tension and anxiety. If negative thoughts come up, don’t follow them, sit with them, address them.

If you can release toxic relationships, negative attachments or behaviours, now is the time. You’ll have the support of this Scorpio energy to really release stuck, stale energy. 

With so much potentiality for releasing, letting go and transforming, the Scorpio Full Moon can also bring about huge opportunities for healing. If difficult emotions, memories, thoughts or similar come up during this time, it is a sign that you are right on track. Your process is progressing. As tough as it may be, try not to shy away from these difficult emotions and rather confront them, as best you can. You may be shedding your skin, peeling off another layer, breaking to rebuild. 

Scorpio’s energy is extremely palatable so if you are going through something, ask for help and guidance from the cosmos to aid you through. This Full Moon is all about trust. As you let go, trust. Trust that the divine will step in. 

10th of May 2020 Saturn goes retrograde

Saturn is doing a whole lot of stuff in 2020. It moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, but does a little dancing between these two signs, in and out with its retrogrades, before finally settling in Aquarius in December. 

Saturn first entered Aquarius on the 21st of March. This was when the Coronavirus tore through the planet, and most countries found themselves in some form of lockdown, quarantine or restriction (very Saturn to be so constricted). 

Now, in May, as Saturn starts it retrograde in Aquarius, it sort of backtracks this step. During this time, themes from the 21st of March may arise. Perhaps your country’s lockdown will be revised, or, since Saturn usually consists, perhaps your confines will lessen. 

Saturn’s retrograde will continue for months. By July, Saturn would have retrograded himself right back into the sign of Capricorn. This two-step shuffle in the previous sign where he spent roughly two and a half years will hit us with some extra saucy karmic lessons. At this point, themes that you’ve been working on for the past two and a half years – Saturn’s full duration in Capricorn – may resurface for processing or finally come to a close.

Remember, Saturn represents karma, lessons, boundaries, limitations and contraction. Capricorn represents work, hard work, determination and effort. Think where these energies parallel themselves in your life and where you’d find a point of resolve. 

Later in the year, Saturn will station direct and he’ll resume his forward motion on the 29th of September. At this point, he’ll be exiting Capricorn once and for all, and will finally enter (and stay in) Aquarius on the 17th of December. 

12th of May 2020 Venus goes retrograde

Aphrodite in the sky, Venus, the planet of love, romance, creativity and beauty, goes retrograde. The Venus retrograde taps into some theme, event or occurrence relating to relationships that happened in 2012. For me, this was a huge break up that resulted in a mass exodus of friends. Fun! 

The same energy will be activated again, so it’ll offer a circling back to those themes and situations, but now with more insight, intuitive wisdom and experience. This will be a great time to revisit old wounds, haunts or traumas, and fill those spaces with love, good energy and healing. 

Venus’ retrograde in Gemini will last just over a month, ending around the 24th of June. By then, the Sun would have moved to Cancer, and we would’ve had the Full Moon in Cancer too, so perhaps anything that came up during this Venus retrograde can get some soothing, nurturing, healing energy.

14th May 2020 Jupiter goes retrograde

Finally, on May 14th, Jupiter goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter goes retrograde every year, and its retrograde period lasts for roughly a month. Jupiter moves slowly in general so the effects of this retrograde won’t really be felt too much.

Jupiter is the planet of blessings, luck, fortune, abundance and expansion. When it is retrograding, its natural tendencies turn into themselves lightly, so perhaps this is a period of coming to commonplace. Perhaps the Coronavirus’ expansion halts for a bit. Let’s hope.  

20th May 2020 Sun enters Gemini

After the very cool, calm and collected energy of Taurus, Gemini comes to shake things up and breaks us out of our comfort zones. This fresh energy comes to help us get out of the physical and get back into our consciousness. We can’t all laze around like bulls in a field, eating and chilling. Gemini wants us to think and talk and be more electric

As the collective energy shifts into Gemini, we find ourselves driven by the air, the intellect and the pursuit of gathering knowledge. The sign of Gemini, personified by the twins, is ruled by Mercury, so notions of communication, travel, thought and movement may come up. 

Another aspect of Gemini energy is that it is restless, somewhat all over the show and difficult to pin down. Who knows where the world will be mid-May, but perhaps, if we’re all still in lockdown or quarantine, our feelings of restlessness and confinement may be peaking. Or, perhaps, we have some more flexibility in our movement.

A core concept of Gemini is balance. Here, we need to find a balance between the dark and light within us, so that these aspects of our personality can find equilibrium.

The energy of Gemini is fun, creative, curious and playful. It encourages the sharing of ideas, of learning new things, of writing, speaking and communicating. Perhaps there’ll be some new development in global communications, perhaps lockdown will lift a bit and we’re able to be more social. 

22 May 2020 New Moon in Gemini

Following the Sun’s ingress into Gemini, the New Moon in the same sign kicks off just a few days later. This Gemini Full Moon will be light and fresh, or at least should be. We have no idea what the world will look like.

New Moons are great for setting intentions, calling in energy and manifesting things to come into your life. 

The energy of Gemini is very curious, inquisitive, enquiring and busy. It is restless in its pursuit for experiences. The energy wants to have good conversations, to learn to communicate better, to learn to understand things, to learn all of the things, so use this energy and channel it into your New Moon Ritual

Give your New Moon ritual the flavour of Gemini and try to call in something that the twins of the Zodiac can provide easily. 

  • Communication. Are you communicating effectively? Could you call in some energy to help you express yourself better?
  • Learning. Get curious about what you need to learn in the world. Is there a new skill you want to learn? Is there a course you should take? Is there an instrument or new art that you could benefit from? Ask the energy of Gemini to show you the right way to learn something. This will also touch on the quality of Gemini that is concerned with the intellect. 
  • Balance. Where in your life are you out of balance? Where can you bring in more balance? Personally, I work too much and need more of a balance in finding time to turn off, zone out and wind down. I used the Taurus New Moon to help me create more of a habit around resting, and bringing chill time into my routine. At the moment, Taurus season is still underway. If, by the time the Gemini New Moon rolls around, I still need help refining this, I’ll call in energy to help me find more of a balance between work and play. Balance is also a great theme to use with Libran energies.
  • Fun. Gemini loves fun, playtime and laughter. It’s also a very social energy but who knows what the world will look like and whether we’ll be able to socialise at all. If to your liking, use the energy of the Gemini Full Moon to bring more fun into your life. Ask Gemini to bring you more things to make you laugh, more things that make you happy, more expressions of play and less goal-driven exercises. 
  • Duality. You have your own twins, your light and dark twins, your human and superconscious twins, your ego and your higher Self. Consider using this time to recognise the duality in yourself, recognise your light and dark. You could plant the intentions to get curious about your dark and light side, get curious about your own dual nature. 

One important thing to note is that Gemini is the most flexible and mutable sign of the Zodiac. It is able to jump between things, people, experiences, situations, and loves doing so as it maximises its learning in this way. 

Gemini loves newness and freshness, and because of this, it is no stranger to change. Gemini has the ability to adapt to any situation and has no fear of the unknown. If something comes up in your life that you need to change and accept, call in the energy of Gemini to help you shift, redirect and acclimatise. 

The effects of this Full Moon Gemini will come to fruition in roughly six months time, on the 30th of November 2020. Here, when we have the Full Moon in Gemini (note, this bad boy is also a Lunar Eclipse), the seeds you laid down for the New Moon will have sprouted and would have started showing in your life.

Make a point to write down your intentions and what you’re trying to manifest so that later, when you reflect at the time of the Full Moon in the same sign, you’ll be able to have a clear picture. I totally recommend tracking your intentions and manifestations using a Moon Calendar. Check my 2020 Moon Calendar out, it’s free, it’s printable and most importantly, it’s cute. 

Who knows what’s around the corner, only time can tell how we’ll surface out of this experience. One thing is for sure: setting your compass to the stars and aligning with the energy that looks down on you with love, will bring you a brighter tomorrow than lowering your head and keeping your eyes on the ground. 

As the Sun moves into Gemini and sociability is at its peak, remember that, even in lockdown or isolation, we’re all connected.

See ya next month! 

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