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One of my favourite things to do at the start of each month is to sit down with a giant cup of coffee and gather energy forecasts. From YouTube videos to blog posts, I love watching or reading energy forecasts. They give me an idea of what’s to come in the month ahead and what I can expect for the upcoming lunar cycle. 

I love getting a bit of a ‘heads up’ as to the astrological happenings and energy shifts that are due to arise in the month, and how they could potentially play out in my life. I’m such a nerd for this sort of stuff that I make lengthy notes in a journal. If I’m feeling particularly geeky, I sometimes mark my calendar with the most important dates so that I know exactly what to expect as the days go by. 

After doing this for so long, I thought I’d create a similar Energy Forecast to the ones I’ve loved to read online. The post below offers the key astrological dates coming up in October, as well as a few interpretations of what the energies may produce. 

Key dates this month:

  • 2nd October 2019: Pluto goes direct
  • 13th October 2019: Full moon in Aries
  • 22nd October 2019: Sun in Scorpio 
  • 27th October 2019: New Moon in Scorpio 

Astro-Energy Forecast for October 2019 

A new month brings a new vibration or new energy to work with, and October is looking like a wild, wild month. Along with the start of Scorpio, Halloween and Mercury’s final retrograde for the year, Pluto goes direct, joining Saturn in Capricorn. 

Current lunar cycle: Libra

We’re currently in the Libra period, a time of transition where the Spring and Fall respectively usher in the next core seasons. The sign of Libra is typically associated with romance and beauty, but two of its main themes are relationships and balance. 

During the Libra lunar cycle, these overarching themes will occur in a number of ways. Over the course of the month, try to determine where or how you are challenged with the concept of balance. Do you lack balance in some area of your life? Or, which areas have you worked on balancing and have found equilibrium?

Relationships are also a strong focus this month. What are your relationships like with your family, friends, partner/s, colleagues? Is there a relationship that’s out of balance? What does your relationship with yourself look like? How can you find more harmony in your mind, body and spirit?

Key dates for October 

2nd October 2019: Pluto goes direct 

After a six month retrograde, Pluto moves direct on October 2nd. The outermost, slow-moving planet, Pluto’s works on a very deep level, operating in the hidden, subconscious realms. 

Pluto is colloquially referred to as the lord of the underworld. This association comes from its naming successor, the ancient Roman god Pluto who ruled the underworld. In Greek mythology, his counterpart was Hades. Mythologically, Pluto was the god of wealth and the metals below the earth, but he was most well known for his reign of the underworld. Here, he would claim the souls of those meant to remain in the underworld for eternity.

With this association, Pluto and its context in astrology link the planet to themes of death, rebirth, higher realms of consciousness and the hidden, mysterious shadow side of each of us. As the ruler of the underworld, Pluto’s work within us is never at the surface; the energy that Pluto presents are felt deep within us.

Pluto began its retrograde in Capricorn in April of this year. Now, at the end of the retrograde, the lessons gained during these six months will come to light. To get an idea of what the end of this retrograde means for you, think back to what was going on in your life in April. With Pluto bringing up notions of transformation, hidden realms and rebirth, consider any processes or cycles that began or ended in April. 

Another planet that’s currently in Capricorn is Saturn. Like Pluto, Saturn was also retrograde but stationed direct one month prior in September. 

13th October 2019: Full moon in Aries

Full moons signal completion, a fullness of energy and the culmination of the lessons learned garnered during the lunar month. The lessons of the lunar cycle seem to peak at the full moon. Under the gleam of the moonlight, reflect on the past cycle and what it has brought about for you. 

Reflect on the intentions set during the new moon (in this case, the Libra new moon on September 28th) and assess what developed.  

What has arisen in terms of balance? Have you had any insight into your relationship with yourself? What have you seen develop in your external relationships?

Full moons can add an extra hit of spice to the themes or concepts that the lunar cycle brings. As Aries is a fiery, action-oriented sign, the energy around the full moon may feel busy, wild or even a bit frazzled. With this energy, contemplate where you are at and how your current state ties into the Libra-like notions of balance and relationship. 

22nd October 2019: Sun in Scorpio

The Sun exits the sign of Libra and moves into Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio is traditionally associated with endings, rebirth, transformations. During this time, concepts of shedding, moving past and letting go may arise. With this, Scorpio season is a great time to think of what you’d like to release.

Scorpio is intense. If you start feeling a bit emotionally heavy or overwhelmed around this time, notice what is triggering these feelings and consider working on them in the new moon coming up in the following week. 

Following on from the theme of Libra and its strong focus on relationships and balance, Scorpio energy may intensify the lessons and learnings garnered here.

Use the lunar cycle to deepen your spiritual practice. Learn how to work with the energies of the lunar cycles each month. Read more.

27th October 2019: New Moon in Scorpio

The new moon ushers in a new lunar cycle. With this, it’s a great time to set an intention for what you’d like to see come to fruition over the course of the next cycle. Scorpio is a sign of intensity and has the ability to go deep. As mentioned above, it is a sign of rebirth, death and transformation, so use these concepts as a guide for when you set your intentions. 

Where would you like to see real transformation happen in your life? What can you shed and move away from? How can you close a chapter with grace? What have you hidden or turned a blind eye on, that you could possibly confront at this point? 

Prepare for a time of deep self-inquiry, of contemplation of connection and purpose. Use the upcoming Scorpio cycle to find new ways of adding depth, dimension and purpose to your life. 

31st October 2019: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

On this year’s All Hallow’s Eve, Mercury will go retrograde in Scorpio. This marks the beginning of Mercury’s final retrograde cycle for 2019. Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation, but it’s a time to slow down, take time and process lessons presented over the previous quarter. 

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is linked with communication. During his retrograde, imagine him bringing you news or information. Retrogrades are great times for connecting with spirit and developing intuitive gifts, even more so with the retrograde crossing over Halloween. Without leaning too much into the hype, delays or miscommunications may occur. 

We hope that this post has helped you on your cosmic path! If you have any questions or insights into this Lunar Cycle and the energies of October, share them in the comment section below!

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