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If you’re like me, you love working with lunar energy: you set aside during the New and Full Moons to hold a ritual, and you have an idea of what the energies of each sign can bring. If you’re also like me, you love productivity tips and life hacks, and also still love writing things by hand.

I created a 2020 Moon Calendar so that I could get a high-level view of each month’s lunar and solar energies well in advance. Scroll down to download my free printable 2020 Moon Calendar below!

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I started using this 2020 Moon Calendar at the beginning of the year, and it’s really helped me stay focused, specifically with more personal-life matters. I also wanted something ‘analogue’, to get some separation from the electronic app obsession.

I’m pretty A-type and since my Leo sun has transited to Virgo, I’ve become even more in love with planning and organising. Each month, I’d create a task or calendar event on my Google Cal that marked the moon and sun activity, retrogrades, key cosmic events and so on.

Free 2020 Moon Calendar

What started happening is that I think my mind started associating the ‘app’ with work, business and tasks, so I’d skip over the Moon Calendar I’d added and prioritise client work.

I wanted something offline, away from the digital space, something that I wouldn’t associate with work or clients. Like a regular calendar, but one that added some mystical cosmic woo into the picture. I found other Moon Calendars online but didn’t like the look of them or the information they provided.

Free 2020 Moon Calendar

I wanted something that would be really specific, especially in showing me what energy would be at play during a time period. For me, it was really important to see the energy of the associated zodiac sign at play.

I started playing around and worked with a friend to create a custom Moon Calendar. To my taste, I wanted the calendar to be simple, to the point and uncluttered. I only wanted the main lunar and solar activity included, not each phase of the moon, retrogrades and so on.

Each month lists the lunar and solar activity for that period. Typically, there’s a New Moon, Full Moon and Sun transition once per month, but there are exceptions.

Each lunar and solar shift is listed with the cosmic body’s respective glyph (New Moon, Full Moon and Sun). The sign that the shift takes place in is also provided, also using the respective zodiac sign glyph.

This way, you can see that the Full Moon on May 7th takes place in the sign of Scorpio, that on June 20th, the Sun will move into the sign of Cancer, and so on.

Free 2020 Moon Calendar

As well as allowing you to see the Moon and Sun activity, the calendar provides enough space for you to write down important tasks, events, reminders and so on. I’m a huge fan of journaling, note-taking and just writing things down in general. As much as I love digital apps and devices majority of the time, nothing beats writing things down and seeing something that’s not on a screen.

To access the 2020 Moon Calendar, enter your name and email address in the form below. Once you click Download Now, you’ll find a download link.

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Enjoy! I hope this Moon Calendar helps you get through this absolute bender of a year!

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