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A little while ago I shared a quote by Abraham Hicks on an Instagram stories post and it sparked a conversation with a friend.

She asked for more links to some of my favourite Abraham Hicks law of attraction audios, so, instead of sharing a collection of links in one message, I decided to compile a blog post.

Below, I’ve listed my favourite discussions, meditations and rampages from Abraham Hicks. Over time, I’ll keep adding my favourite finds here, and eventually, I’ll group certain themes together.

I’ve also sprinkled in some of my favourite quotes and affirmations from Abraham Hicks.

If you’re not 100% clued up on who or what Abraham Hicks is, listen to this interview with Ester Hicks and Oprah.

In this two-part discussion, Ester first describes her journey of discovering and then working with the collective consciousness named Abraham. In the second part of the interview, Oprah speaks directly with the Abraham stream of consciousness.

Fave Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Recordings

Below are some of my favourite audios/videos of Ester and Abraham Hicks. Whenever I drive, walk my dog, go grocery shopping and so on, I’ll listen to an Abraham recording.

I’ve also found that listening to Abraham Hicks whenever I feel sad or upset, really helps to shift my mood. These audios help me disconnect from the Matrix and reconnect to the Vortex.

In no particular order:

It’s quite rare to see a recording of Ester Hicks herself addressing the crowd. Usually, her audios are used and overlayed with random images or videos, so this is a nice change.
This is one of my favourite recordings to play first thing in the morning. Really sets you up for a good day filled with good vibes.

“We’re talking about preparing yourself vibrationally — which means you’ve got to get off the specifics and stay general, because as long as you’re talking about specifics, you’re going to activate things that don’t allow things to unfold smoothly.”

Abraham Hicks
Abraham in dialogue.

“I love knowing that well being is the strongest vibration in the universe.”

Abraham Hicks

“Everything is always working out for me. Everything is always working out for me. Things are always working out for me.”

Abraham Hicks
A great explanation of the process of receiving, allowing and so on.

“I so love understanding my vibrational nature. I so love my understanding of focus and momentum. I love that I can begin this day in a vibration of well being and ease. I really like knowing that Source is surrounding me and everyone else, that all who I love is surrounded by this ease.”

Abraham Hicks

As I find more Abraham Hicks rampages, I’ll keep adding them here over time.

If you have any top Abraham Hicks law of attraction recordings, rampages, meditations etc., post them below and I’ll check them out!

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