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Each month brings a new lunar cycle where the moon completes a full revolution around the earth. With our eyes, we see the moon grow, reach fullness, then deplete, but energetically, the moon and its lunar cycle offer more than meets the eye.

The following post discusses the monthly lunar cycle of the moon as well as the energies these phases bring. You’ll also learn how you can use the energies of the moon to manifest your desires, deepen your spiritual practice and align with the cosmic forces of the universe.

The lunar cycle and moon energy

On average, each lunar cycle has both a new and full moon. In some cases, there may be a second full moon in a month (called a blue moon) and other special happenings. In general, we can expect to see one full and one new moon each month.

The lunar phases are cyclical, so each month there is a start, an end and a return to the beginning. The start of each lunar cycle is like a ‘reset’, giving you space and freedom to start again.

While most people seem to look forward to the full moon, the new moon has a lot of significance. The new moon is an excellent time for setting intentions, more on this below. The start of each lunar cycle can be a great time for starting anew or approaching a topic with a new mindset.

Every month there is a new energy that is introduced thanks to the planetary shifts. Depending on the position of celestial bodies in the sky, one month’s energy will have a different flavour to the next. Some may feel action-oriented, while others may have a more subdued or restful feel. The placement of planets and celestial bodies in one’s chart can also have an influence here.

While the sun represents our outer world and external ego, personality, and so on, the moon represents our inner world such as our hidden emotions, desires and dreams. The moon represents our subconscious, our hidden worlds and inner realms.

The moon has a strong governing power over us. Its cycles are linked to the tides of the ocean, the water content of our physical bodies and our subconscious. It connects to our hidden realms and inner worlds. In spiritual lore, it’s said that the moon represents the feminine principle present in us all, despite gender.

Understanding the cycles of the moon can help you connect with your intuition, amplify your manifestations, sync with cosmic consciousness and deepen your spiritual practice.

Spiritual significance of moon phases

On average, each lunar cycle will have at least one new and full moon. Sometimes there are exceptions to this, such as months of two full moons (in which case the full moon will be called a blue moon). Each phase of the moon has a particular energy to it.

During months with a great deal of cosmic activity, occurrences such as retrogrades, transits, conjunctions and most important, eclipses will also affect the overarching energies of that specific lunar cycle. In these busy months, the same theories apply to the new and full moons, but the additional energies at play will add to the general feels. It’s a good idea to include working with other energies or at least acknowledge what may be working in the background.

New Moon: A new beginning

The new moon marks the start of a lunar cycle. During the new moon, both the sun and the moon are sitting in the same Zodiac sign. At this time, there is a surge of energy in the air, activated by both celestial bodies working with the same energy.

Physically, the moon is sitting roughly in between the sun and the earth. The sun shines on the side of the moon that we never see. As a result, the new moon looks like a thin banana in the sky.

Symbolically, the new moon signals the start of a cycle. It is a birth, a regeneration, a time for new beginnings. With this, the new moon is great for setting goals and intentions, and for initiating the process of manifesting desires.

Imagine having a conversation with the moon, and telling her exactly what it is that you want to see come into or develop in your life. In the darkness of night, when the light of the moon is limited, plant the seeds of your desires. Whatever it is that your aim to achieve or see progress within the month, tell the moon.

During the new moon, it’s a good idea to have a ritual or ceremony of sorts. Set aside some time to contemplate your goals and intentions for the month ahead consciously. Write down these intentions on a piece of paper, and meditate or journal thereupon.

Visualise your objectives coming to fruition, and pay attention to what your emotions feel like as if you’ve reached this manifestation. Use whatever spiritual tools you love during your ritual; recite affirmations out loud, use crystals to enhance the energy of your sacred space, and so on. Once your ritual is complete, hold onto the paper where you have written your goals and intentions.

Waxing Moon: The energy grows

As the new moon transitions from new moon to full, it is in its waxing phase. The sliver of the moon that is illuminated by the sun gets bigger. From the earth, it almost looks as if the moon is growing.

The moon in its waxing phase has a few names, including the waxing crescent moon, waxing gibbous moon and first quarter moon.

During the waxing phase, as the moon grows, so too does the energy of your goal or intention. During this stage, connect with the feeling of your objective. Dream, daydream and imagine the joy of it coming to you. Try to release fears, doubts or any firm grip of control you may have.

Full Moon: A state of completion

The big event, the full moon is the midpoint of the lunar cycle. At the time of the full moon, the moon sits directly opposite the sun and is in full illumination thereof. With the sun and moon sitting at opposite ends of the Zodiac, the energy may be intensified for some.

The energy of the lunar month is at its peak during the time of the full moon. Intuition, emotions, dreams and mental processes are amplified. One may feel a heightened sense of connection to spirit, a deeper sense of awareness or presence, difficulty sleeping at night or just insane amounts of inspiration and excitement.

With the potent energy of the full moon surrounding you, it’s a great time to focus even more intently on your blessings and what you’re grateful for. Return to the intentions you set out during the new moon. See what showed up and developed around your manifestation and note any lessons, new thoughts or perspectives arose.

Waning Moon: The energy fades

Once the moon peaks in its fullness, it starts to recede. Where the new moon symbolises a birth, the gentle dissolving of the full moon waning is like a death. The full moon transitions back to the new moon, getting ready to reset the process for the next lunar cycle.

The light from the sun shifts and the glowing orb starts to shrink, the illuminated portion of the moon starts to decrease in size. The moon in its waning phase has a few names, including the waning crescent moon, waning gibbous moon and last quarter moon.

During this time, the energy of the month’s particular lunar cycle begins to dissipate. Whatever energy ran its course over the month begins to fade.

The waning phase is a great time to reflect and review the events, happenings and feelings of the moon cycle as it comes to a close. Take time to contemplate all aspects of your life; love, career, finance, creativity; not just the topics and intentions you set out to explore as set out in the new moon.

Every new lunar cycle is like a reincarnation. Each month we are perpetually born again to seek out areas where we can explore and develop, and are assisted in these tasks with help from our celestial guides.

If you like the idea of working with the phases of the moon, consider a ritual of sorts: intention setting at the new moon and reflection at the full moon. Your ritual doesn’t need to be fancy or use a bunch of tools, simply take a few conscious breaths, connect with your higher self and talk to the moon.

Moon phases for the rest of 2019

Before this year is out, we still have a few more lunar cycles coming our way! Below are a few of the remaining dates for 2019.

28th October New moon in Scorpio

12th November 2019 Full Moon in Taurus
26th November 2019 New Moon in Sagittarius

12th December Full Moon in Gemini
26th December New Moon in Capricorn

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post! Do you work with moon energy and the phases of the moon? What are your favourite practices and rituals? Let us know in the comments below!

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