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The 1st house in astrology is one of the important houses in the birth chart. Ruled by Aries, the 1st house kicks off the ride through the zodiac. 

The 1st house, the House of Self, represents one’s personality, individual outward expression, how they present themselves to the world, and how others receive them. The 1st house also reveals one’s characteristics, physical self or body, attitudes, and so on.


  • Self
  • Personality
  • Expression
  • Identity
  • First impressions

The House of Self

The 1st house in astrology corresponds to the sign of Aries, governing aspects of one’s life such as personality, ego, the self.

The cusp of the 1st house is also called the Ascendant. Whichever sign ruling the first house or the Ascendant is also called the rising sign. The rising sign has just as much significance as the sun sign, as any planet found in the Ascendant will have a strong influence on the individual’s persona, traits and outward expression. If the planet is within ± 10° of the Ascendant, it’ll have an extra emphasis in one’s life. 

When planets progress into or transit the 1st house, they can have a powerful influence on one’s well being, personal health as well as personal and psychological matters. 

Key points of the 1st house:

  • Represents: Self, personality, identity
  • Corresponding Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Classification: Angular 

The self, personality and ego

As the 1st house governs the personality and ego, planets found here natally will be quite key in the individual’s life – even more so if they are aspected to other planets. The 1st house in astrology is also concerned with self-image, and so, planets moving through the house may affect how one internalises themselves with the world. 

As well as the personality, the 1st house can also reveal aspects of one’s health, well-being, temperament and attitude. 

First impressions

In very simple terms, the 1st house in astrology represents ‘you’ or the individual in question. The 1st house governs how one presents themselves to the world and also how others perceive them. In other words, whichever configuration of planets and signs rests in the 1st house will impact one’s first impression.

Where the 1st house is the first impression, the rest of the houses and configurations therein will begin to reveal the depth of one’s personality beyond just the first meeting. People change and evolve, so this ‘outward expression’ and ‘first impression’ will change.


As well as first impressions, the 1st house also governs all of life’s other ‘firsts.’ Big events, fresh starts, new beginnings, new projects and initiatives can sometimes be revealed in the 1st house. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about the 1st house in astrology. Do you know which planets are in your 1st house? 

If you have any questions, share them in the comments section below!

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