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The 3rd house in astrology shows the nature of one’s mind. It reveals qualities of thought, mental activity and expression. Learn more about the 3rd house in astrology, also known as the House of Communication.

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  • Communication
  • Close relationships
  • Early education
  • Transport

The House of Communication

With its natural planetary ruler being Mercury, the 3rd house is governed by Gemini, meaning that it represents Gemini-esque qualities in one’s life. The 3rd house of the zodiac rules over forms of communication, learning, friends and family relationships, early education and transportation.

When planets transit the 3rd house, one can gain information about the individual’s immediate network or environment.

Key points of the 3rd house:

  • Represents: Communication, close relationships
  • Corresponding Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Classification: Cadent 


The 3rd house’s primary concern is communication. From messages, gossip, talking, reading, writing and more, all forms of communication are key. It indicates forms of language, how we communicate, how we interact with our immediate environments, and ways of expressing one’s self in writing, speaking or the arts. 

Also, the 3rd house represents thought, mental attitudes and how we formulate our thoughts. If an individual is attracted to a job or career media and communications industries, it can show in the 3rd house. 

Delving deeper into thought, decision making and the intellect, the 3rd house governs the lower mind. Here, matters of knowledge, learning, finer details and small bits of information are concerned. Relating to this, the higher mind which is more concerned with philosophy, understanding and querying a sense of self, and is represented by the 9th house.

As thought, speech and communication are its’ primary concerns, when planets transit into the 3rd house, one can identify changes in thought patterns, new ideas, paradigm shifts and new attitudes.

Close relationships

The 3rd house in astrology also lends to the nature of certain relationships in one’s life. These are relationships with relatives (however not parents or children), such as brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, step-siblings and so on. It also lends insight to the relationships with neighbours, community and friends.


The 3rd house in astrology will also offer insight into how one relates to schooling and their school environment. The level of schooling in question here is at primary or secondary level, not college or university. 

If someone is having a tough time at school, one could look to the 3rd house to see which planets are active, and too, at which planets may be transiting to bring in a new perspective or change of attitude. 


Finally, one last aspect revealed in the 3rd house is transportation, particularly short trips or journeys

The 3rd house can also hint at modes of transport too. This includes matters of day to day travel or commuting. Also, for example, if an individual is looking to buy a new car, one would look to the third house and the current planetary placements therein. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about the 3rd house in astrology. Do you know which planets are in your 3rd house? 

If you have any questions, share them in the comments section below!

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